Skin Whitening Products for the Filipina Morena
04 Jun

Skin Whitening Products for the Filipina Morena

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Here in the Philippines, when someone has fair and white skin they are guaranteed to have great advantages over those with the typical brown skin tone. White skin toned Filipina are admired and envied by most Filipina. The Filipino society taught us not to be proud of morena skin tone, being white is synonymous with beauty and wealth.

There are a lot of other Asian countries obsessed with having fairer skin tones, China and Taiwan are just some. Fair skin, in ancient Chinese times, was also considered to be a symbol of elegance and nobility. But now in this generation and present time, brown and darker complexions are getting more traction more than ever. Asian super models that do not sacrifice their natural ethnicity by using whitening products are being praised for proving beauty in any skin color.

A lot of Filipina wants to achieve fair complexion to the point that whitening products and pills are not simply enough and go beyond what cosmetic products can do, bleaching or skin peeling. But what if you really don’t want to undergo such operations just to achieve a fair complexion? You can have patience and try using different whitening formulas that would suit you. Pills and whitening products do well for the Filipina morena.

Another influence that led to the Philippines society favouring whiter and fairer skin is globalization. Scholar Koichi Iwabuchi has said that globalization processes “have not simply furthered the spread of Americanized ‘global mass culture.’ They have also promoted the flow of intraregional media and popular culture within East and Southeast Asia. ….In this sense, they are neither “Asia” in any essentialist meaning nor second-rate copies of American originals.”

There are a lot of whitening products and pills to use for you to achieve fair complexion. Here at Beautyshop Philippines we offer Whitening Capsules (i.e. Luxcent Gluta, Prolife Atlas, Relumins Gluta) and also some Whitening Soap (i.e. Kojic Soap and Milk Pearl Soap).

Choose the right toner for your skin and moisturizer, look for beauty products containing ingredients that lessen skin pigmentation like potassium alum and citric acid. Wash it all down with whitening soap – we suggest soaps with papaya extracts – and use shampoo and conditioners that darken your hair to lift up your skin color better.

We here at, offer local beauty products to support local businesses in the Philippines as well as innovative, trending and sought after whitening and skin care products from other countries that serves the needs of various Filipina skin tones.

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Luxcent Gluta
₱1,200.00 Ex Tax: ₱1,200.00

Luxcent Gluta - Skin Whitening Luxcent Luminous Caps L-Glutathione + Marine Collagen is an intelligent antioxidant formulated in Japan that promotes cell renewal and cell restoration. It also protects cells from free radicals that slows premature aging and sagging. This unique formula is synergetically combined with essential glutathione boosters and B vitamins to encourage cellular metabolism for cell repair hydration and rejuvenation. It aids in lightening dark spots and acne marks as it heals dry, damaged skin and helps minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Luxcent luminous is the only health and beauty supplement with Japan's latest patented antioxidant formulation proven to maximize glutathione effectiveness and absorption by 100%. Dare to compare with other leading brands in the market!Ingredients: L-Glutathione (950mg), Alpha Lipoic Acid (70mg), Sodium Ascorbate (50mg), N-Acetyl Cysteine (30mg), Methionine (15mg), Niacin (10mg), Co-Enzyme Q10 (3000mcg/3mg), Marine Collagen (50000mcg/50mg), Riboflavin (10mg), Vitamin B6 (5mg), Thiamine (4mg), Beta Carotene (3mg), Other ingredients: Kosher gelatin,cellulose ,silica, magnesium stearateDirections: Take two capsules per day with or without meal.Caution: Avoid use by pregnant and lactating woman keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place at temperature not exceeding 30 degree Celsius.Content: 950mg/60 tablets..

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Merry Sun Ginger Shampoo
₱250.00 Ex Tax: ₱250.00

Merry Sun Ginger Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Merry Sun Ginger Scalp Treatment Anti-hair loss Shampoo offers an innovative formula made with Natural Ingredients and Ginger Extract for all hair types. Extract of ginger contained in the shampoo activates micro-circulation in scalp, stimulates hair follicles and accelerates hair growth. Exclusive technology fills hair with vital energy for a long time, effectively regenerates hair structure, increases hair volume and strengthens resistance to external adverse factors.The shampoo contains Ginger Root Extract with natural anti-hair loss & hair strengthen ingredients. Paraben free and made with natural ingredients, it is also free of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) and dermatologically tested.Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, If the product comes to contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a medical practitioner if irritation persists. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.Directions:Wet the hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of Ginger Scalp Treatment Shampoo and work into a rich lather. Leave for 2-3 minutes and massage on scalp gently before rinsing. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry and feel your regenerated hair with vibrance.Content: 400ml / 13.5 fl.oz..

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Milk Pearl Soap
₱195.00 Ex Tax: ₱195.00

Milk Pearl Soap - Skin WhiteningMilk Pearl Soap by Evaly is your all natural instant skin whitening soap that whitens the skin and promotes an aura bright skin within 2 minutes with a special formula specific for the Evaly brand. You'll have a radiant and healthy skin with benefits of valuable ingredients, just like a treatment from the spa. Suitable for face and body use. Safe for children, pregnant, and breast feeding women. Helps even out uneven skin tone and removes marks and other imperfections. Instant results in just 2 minutes.Ingredients: Milk Extract, Pearl Powder Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Sea Fish Collagen, Yogurt Extract, Honey Extract, Mulberry Extract.Directions: Apply the soap to cleanse body skin every morning and evening.Content: 65g..

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